About Me

  I am just another sinner in need of the grace of Christ my Saviour, and in Him do I glory. It is He who makes me what I am and enables me to do this great work for Him. I love to speak new languages and play musical instruments - but thanks to God for giving me that talent to use for Him. Naturally shy and yielding, I love meeting new people and making contacts - once a friend, always a friend. 

  My life goal is to be what and where God wants me whenever He wants me there - for the near future He has called me to help with and attend Hedgeway Learning Center in my adopted "home," Thailand. This blog is the journal of my experiences there, as well as the Bible knowledge I've come to through my study and reflection - and I hope you are blessed thereby.
  I also am a volunteer FR on our ambulance team here in Thailand. For more info on that and the work we do, please visit our organization's website. www.crossfirerelief.org

  If you want to meet me, send me an email, and let me know when your plane arrives in Bangkok, and I'll pick you up at the airport and let you see a modern day miracle - Hedgeway Learning Center. May God bless you as you read the thoughts He has given me. :')